Based on insight and data we help you sell more cars

Gain is a game-changing analytics and optimization platform for the automotive industry powered by artificial intelligence

The world of customer data is changing

To retain the customer relationship you must understand it. It requires seamless behavioral tracking and consolidation from interest to purchase and throughout the customer lifetime - across brick-and-mortar dealerships and digital channels.
Gain enables you do just that.

Re-inventing your data layer.

Or simply put, give your dealerships the same analytics capabilities as any online shop.

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    Dealership Analytics

    How many potential customers visited? How are you converting them?

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    Offline to online tracking

    Customer visits and dealership interactions are automatically registered.

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    Unified customer profile

    Automatically consolidated across digital and physical channels

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    Intelligent infrastructure

    Prepare for the future with next generation customer data infrastructure.

  • Putting data into the right hands

    Don’t leave information in the boardroom. So often many of the insights made in meetings never translate into actions simply because it’s not available to people on the floor.

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      Better marketing automation

      All customer behavior in a feed that integrates with the marketing platforms you use.

    • cloud

      Revolutionizing attribution engine

      Directly attribute conversions in the physical dealerships to digital campaigns.

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      Sales AI assistant

      An app that helps sales staff increase in-store conversions without replacing your CRM.

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      Enhanced lead management

      Better data equals better forecasts, it’s that simple.

«Gain gives the car dealership the same level of data as any online store. It levels the playing field.»

Some of our clients

  • Realdania
  • Bayern Auto Group
  • Jaguar
  • DAC
  • Land Rover
  • NCG


What can Gain do for me?

  • Do you know how many potential buyers actually visit your dealerships?

    Not how many people walked through the door, but how many actual, potential customers. That’s a game changer.

  • How many are new and how many are existing customers?

    Did they come to put their car in the garage? Is it an existing customer or a new, potential one? All questions that you can now answer.

  • How efficiently de we convert visitors into leads?

    With better insights into the composition of dealership visits we can more accurately determine how you perform - and you can better tailor optimization and training efforts.

  • Are our marketing efforts efficient?

    Gain can track campaigns impact on dealership test drives and sales better than anyone else, down to the specific campaign(s) that resulted in offline conversions.

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