Privacy at Gain

In a world with ever growing surveillance Gain - and our parent company Sentia - has taken significant measures to ensure that our solutions lives up to the highest standards of privacy protection. Data ethics is incredibly important to us as people and as a company. All systems are already in compliance with the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that all EU countries must adhere to in 2018.

Privacy by Design and by Default

This means that all of Gain's products are made in accordance with the privacy by default and privacy by design principles. Our sensors process locally on the device and anonymize and delete raw data within seconds. Nothing but anonymous data leaves the sensor.


All images processed by our sensors are immediately anonymized through blurring of the image using an algorithm to ensure that there is no personal identifiable data. The device then extracts the required data (people count, cars, bike etc.) and then deletes the anonymized images. The anonymized data is then sent to our servers. ALL data is encrypted whilst being moved between points.


If you have any questions or queries regarding privacy at Sentia, please contact our DPO and Head of Legal, Frederik Ferbing.

Frederik Ferbing
Head of Legal, DPO